YVU Collection

YVU Collection


    Beta Astral

    $ 222.00

We introduce to you -YVU- Collection, crochet hats with a touch of Seashells.

Inspired by water and its lost treasures, multicolor flowers, magic mushrooms, and the encounter with the inner child; where surrealism becomes the reality and we transform into worshipers of divine chaos.

Seashells represent the safe journey of the soul from this world. And more specifically Cowrie Seashells represent rebirth and the female Gate of Life.

Each piece of -YVU- Collection is unique thanks to its 100% artisanal process, handmade and customized with seashells and tye-dye in all the colors you can imagine.

Timeless and sustainable pieces that respect our planet and leave behind a positive impact, preserving techniques of ancestral wisdom in synergy with continuous contemporary innovation.

Betania Estrago

Founder /  Creative Director